Manor Farm

The Manor Farm or, as we say in Silesia, the Dominium, lies directly beside the Great Castle of Lomnitz. There were once many other buildings belonging to the immediate and more distant surroundings, including a sawmill, a brewery, a brick factory and a market garden. 

Since the 1970s the stalls, barns and the granary of the immediate Manor Farm stood empty and decayed. In 2006 Lomnitz Castle GmbH was able to purchase these agricultural buildings.

The members of the VSK who are active in Lomnitz and the Dominium Lomnica Foundation dreamed of setting up a living Manor Farm Museum with agriculture, workshops and a manor restaurant here. This usage would not only depict the ensemble of the two Castles, the Park and the Manor Farm of Lomnitz in an ideal way, but also would be an important tourist and cultural magnet, which would definitely give out many impulses and stimuli for the surrounding area.

After intensive preparation and a successful search for partners, the Brandenburg Technical University of Cottbus and the Agricultural Academy of Breslau/ Wroclaw became the perfect partners for this project.

The Lomnitz Manor Farm, whose restoration could be started in spring 2007 thanks to a generous grant from the German State Foundation for the Environment (DBU), had its partial initiation already in September 2007 with a first exhibition. The DBU, situated in Osnabrück, which has been accompanying and supporting the activities in Lomnitz, has a lively interest in  the preservation of the cultural landscape, so characteristic of central eastern Europe, which has grown up in the course of centuries of traditional agricultural practises.

Market events are presented on the Manor Farm with its reconstructed duck pond.

The Lomnitz Manor Farm has become a centre for old and young and make its contribution to the preservation of the rich culture and history, to which the Silesian cultural landscape bears witness, for coming generations. The Dominium Lomnitz will also provide a model and stimulus for many other people and bring hope for the many farmyards which are still standing empty and threatened by decay.