Lomnica Palace

In 1991 the von Küster family decided to purchase back the family seat, a total ruin at that time, and to save the Castle from its doom. Up to now it has been possible with the tireless work of various foundations and societies ( VSK, the Foundation for German-Polish Co-operation) and the help of innumerable private donors to restore the Great Castle externally to its old magnificence.

Since 1997 the Great Castle of Lomnitz has been almost completely restored. In May 2005 all the formal rooms on the ground floor were reclaimed. Painstakingly restored wall paintings, painted marbling and magnificent Silesian-Bohemian chandeliers and lamps give a lively impression of the wealth and the splendour of the resurrected Baroque country castle. In 2012 the historic castle cellar has been renovated and restored - here you can taste how the life of  the household staff had once been.

The Cultural and Educational Centre was able to take up its work in the rooms on the ground floor - the first exhibitions, concerts and conferences took place in spring 2005.





The Lomnitz Park was laid out in the style of an English landscape park with the help of Peter Josef Lenné between 1843 and 1847. Lying together with the Castle Park of Schildau / Wojanow on the other bank of the River Bober it forms a very impressive total composition, which is of exceptional importance. Nature and culture weave together here in an ideal way.

The Park, which stretches about 1 km along the riverbank, is divided into the upper and the lower Park. The course of the river as it flows quietly rippling by with its many picturesque rocks tempts to a picnic or to a dreamy dose.

In the reconstructed Pleasure-Grounds around the Castles colourful flowerbeds invite you to a walk and you feel you are back in Biedermeier times.
Whether you like to be sporty with Nordic-Walking or jogging, or simply would like to relax in meditation or walk barefoot in the dewy meadows – the Park is a source of rest and pleasure for young and old alike. For children there is a play fort with a wonderful slide and isn’t it the finest thing in the world to play hiding in the many secret places?