You only need a one day outing to visit each of Silesia’s major sights, because Lomnica is so conveniently situated for travel. Begin with the Hirschberg Valley and the Giant Mountains. Here you can experience the symbiosis of a magnificent mountain world with its alpine character with the lonely sweet nature of the Hirschberg Valley.
You can take day-long hikes from Lomnitz through the varied landscape of the Valley with its secluded Castles.

There is not enough space here to list all the many sights of Silesia with its castles, fortresses, churches, cloisters and towns. Alone the three royal Prussian summer residences of Karpniki / Fischbach , Myslakowice/Erdmannsdorf or also Wojanów / Schildau (very close to Lomnica) make the connoisseur’s heart beat faster. Of course, the Silesian metropolis of Wroclaw must be mentioned here, and what would a trip to the Jelenia Góra Valley be without a stroll through the Ring at Jelenia Góra itself with its lovely arcades, and a drink from the healing springs at Bad Warmbrunn/ Cieplice.

Not only the cultural sights and the beauties of nature attract for a holiday with us, many other attractions enrich your stay. It is well worth paying a visit to the Miniature Park of the Lower Silesian Monuments in Schmiedeberg/Kowary. On the way there don’t forget to stop at the factory shop of the linen factory at Erdmannsdorf/Myslakowice. Artistic crystal glassware and the popular Bunzlau ceramics at good prices are also on offer. Or what do you think of a round air trip over the Castles and Park landscape of the Valley? The airfield just a few kilometres away offers just that.

Here on the spot we can give you many more suggestions and recommendations for planning your holiday. We’d like to show just a few examples for outings here.


The nature reserve immediately surrounding us, with its woods, meadows and mountains attracts walkers in every season of the year. Or you can strive after higher things and climb the majestic ridge of the with its wild alpine natural beauty. From there you can gaze down on wonderful landscapes and will feel the wish to explore all the lonely valleys with their rare animals and plants, clear streams, picturesque rock formations and the traces of the bewitching old Castle parks.

The nearby Falcon Mountains are there to climb and the wild, romantic Bober Valley to hike. The mountains of the Landeshuter Ridge/ Rudawy Janowickie are calling, and of course there are the majestic Giant Mountains with their tremendous mountainscapes, which beckon with walking tours, mountain climbing, and winter sport. On hot summer days, a man-made lake only a few metres away from Lomnica offers pleasant coolness. You can quickly reach the most beautiful places on modern bicycles which you can hire nearby. A very sweet little riding stables is only a few minutes away from the Hotel offers the possibility of accompanied trekking in the loveliest areas.


Health comes from within. A well-adjusted balance between body and mind is the secret of wellbeing and physical robustness. A stay with us will let you experience how crucial these seemingly quite banal and obvious facts really are.

In Lomnitz you will find quietness, harmony, aesthetics and above all the true friendliness of our staff, which will all give you what you most urgently need: time for yourself, space to form new thoughts, the chance to find detachment and the freedom to simply get out and discover the world. Start with small steps, enjoy our country breakfast with classical music and the simple fresh meals which we prepare without additives according to the criteria of Slow Food and then walk, when the weather allows, a couple of paces barefoot over the lawn still moist with the morning dew. The harmonious naturalness of the Park, the flowing of the Bober and the many small animals and plants, which make the explorer’s heart quicken, for example our rare Turks - cap lilies or the shy kingfisher. All of that are basics of life which have nearly been lost in our hectic times. After such a walk a relaxation massage or aromatherapy session is a wonderful addition. We work with physiotherapists who offer a choice of various massage techniques.

Active Holidays

Lomnitz is the ideal place for an active holiday. You can go straight out from the Hotel on foot to discover the wonderful surroundings with many picturesque footpaths, or explore the valley with the energetic steps of Nordic Walking.

For mountaineers and climbers the crags of the Falcon Mountains, only 3 km away and naturally the cliffs of the alpine landscape of the mountains are perfect. The Giant Mountains beckon at Krummhübel/Karpacz, 15km away and also at Schreiberhau/Sklarska Poreba with its snowy slopes (also artificial snow) for skiing and snowboarding pleasure. The 1,602 m high Schneekoppe always keeps its snow into April. A great choice of pistes in all grades of difficulty, outstanding ski instructors and a modern infrastructure make the area particularly attractive for families with children, too.

We also have ideal conditions for kiting and gliding. The famous Grunau/Jezow Sudecki airfield, 2 km away, saw famed gliders in the 1920s and 30s such as Hanna Reitsch and is well-known internationally for its unique thermals. Also less spectacular pleasures such as cycling and riding are possible in our surroundings.

The Giant Mountains 

The Giant Mountains right on our doorstep offer many opportunities all year round. The ever-increasing choice of downhill ski pistes in Krumhübel/Karpacz or in Schreiberhau/Sklarska Poreba, equipped for every degree of difficulty, offer plenty for everyone – from families with smaller children up to skiing aces. Only 15 minutes away you can swing onto modern pistes equipped with ski cannons.

An overland ski route, often used for big competitions in Jakuszycze, directly on the ridge of the Giant Mountains will make your heart beat faster. From December to the end of March you can enjoy the impressive landscape of the Giant Mountains to your heart’s content.

In spring and summer and especially in autumn when the foliage colours richly the Giant Mountains is a paradise for hikers and lovers of untouched nature. And how beautiful is the view of the mountains from one of the adjoining foothills: an unforgettable panorama.
The Giant Mountains is also an ideal holiday area for families with children.